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Innovative American-made healthcare products that improve efficiencies and the patient experience.


OEM Medical Products

Breakthroughs in medicine, dentistry, and biotechnology have led to unimagined advancements in healthcare. They’ve also increased expectations. With Vollrath Manufacturing Services, you get an OEM partner who not only can provide advanced, cost-effective design and manufacturing solutions, but also have facilities that meet the standards for your industry’s strict tolerances and regulations.


Over the years, we’ve utilized our breadth of manufacturing capabilities to develop equipment and components for healthcare, as well as lab and research facilities. This includes sinks, surgical trays, X-ray positioners, medicine cups, centrifuge components, beakers, pharmaceutical equipment, cryogenic tanks, and more.

We also provide high-quality standard medical products such as surgical wares, patient care items, and food technology/dietary smallwares. To view all of our standard medical products, download our medical catalog.

In-House Value

From design to engineering to manufacturing and finishing, keeping our end-to-end capabilities in house means less risk and more savings for you. All Vollrath facilities meet FDA good manufacturing practices for medical products, and we are knowledgeable about NSF standards.

Custom Medical & Biotechnology Equipment Solutions

Our fully integrated team can help you design and build custom components and products.  We’ll work with you every step of the way—from prototype design to manufacturing—to provide you with the high-quality, cost-effective custom components and products you need.

An Integrated Breadth of Manufacturing Capabilities

Whether you’re working with us on an end-to-end project or just need a component built to pre-existing specs, we offer a variety of manufacturing capabilities throughout our facilities. (And are knowledgeable about NSF, UL, CSA, ETL and CE standards.) These facilities also meet FDA good manufacturing practices for medical products.

American Sustainability.

Vollrath Manufacturing Services is proud to be an American company manufacturing American-made goods. We also work to eliminate waste in our manufacturing systems via our Lean manufacturing team and Continuous Improvement/Kaizen events. Click here to learn more about our sustainability efforts.

Work With Us

We provide custom manufacturing and engineering design consulting, standard and made-to-order parts, and custom tool fabrication.