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Hands-Free Door Pulls

Stop the transmission of germs and bacteria

One of the best ways to keep staff and guests healthy is to disrupt the transmission of germs and bacteria. Our hands-free door pulls assist in that endeavor. Both our foot pull and arm pull allow users to open doors without ever touching the knob or handle, minimizing the number of contaminants that can be spread by hands consistently coming onto contact with doors.

Hands-Free Foot Door Opener

This device is simple, yet effective. As the name implies, our hands-free foot pull allows users to open doors by simply using their foot. This eliminates the need for anyone to touch the doorknob or handle with their hands.

Hands-Free Arm Pull Door Opener

Another fine choice for maintaining clean, hygienic doorways, is our hands-free arm pull. This product allows you to easily open doors without coming into contact with the handle or knob.

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