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At Vollrath Manufacturing Services, we are dedicated to being environmentally friendly



  • In 2011 we began to send shipments between factories in reusable totes and on plastic pallets, reducing our intercompany transport waste by 50%.
  • Products aren't put on wooden crates until final packaging for shipping, otherwise they are transported with plastic.
  • Replaced the gas fire heaters in our Sheboygan facility with high efficiency heaters.
  • Added insulation and reflective roofs to our Sheboygan facility to help keep the factory cool, reducing AC used.
  • In 2010 we updated the control system on our annealer for a 25% reduction in power needed.
  • The lubricants used are more environmentally friendly and we use no residue soap.
  • Updated air filtration system in Sheboygan filters air back into plant instead of out into community, letting our Sheboygan facility be designated as a non-significant emitter by the Community Right to Know.
  • Sheboygan facility has zero particulate emissions.
  • Motion sensor lights are being installed throughout the facility as bulbs are replaced to reduce unnecessary lighting.
  • Careful material sheet planning combined with a high-end laser cutting system has made great strides in reducing material waste.
  • Facilities use heat recovery from manufacturing equipment to aid in plant heating.
  • Our lean manufacturing team is constantly working to reduce our manufacturing waste.


  • The cooling water from our annealer is reused in our washer.
  • Gloves and rags in the plant are in a refurbishment program to be washed and reused.
  • Floor pads used in front of machines are washable so they can be reused.
  • Our Dane facility reuses runoff resin to create brown and black plastic products.
  • We reuse the paper that comes with our steel coils as packaging filler.


  • All cardboard used in the manufacturing plants is recycled.
  • The Sheboygan Distribution Center recycles plastic stretch wrap.
  • Any scrap created in manufacturing is recovered and recycled, never sent to the landfill.
  • Personal recycling bins were purchased for every employee in our Sheboygan office.