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Fully integrated engineering and design services that increase productivity and save you money


Let's Work Together

Collaboration That Delivers Incredible Results

We don’t just believe that efficient and expert collaboration produces the best results. We built our entire Engineering and Design Consulting Service on this principle. That’s why our experienced engineers work as an extension of your in-house team, on demand and in constant communication to help you design better-performing, more cost-effective products for manufacturability. Other features of our Engineering and Design Consulting:

Reduced NPD Barriers

By working in close collaboration, we’re able to apply our extensive expertise to solve potential problems before they appear, minimize risk, and provide cost savings.

Breadth of Solutions

Having access to VMS’ broad array of in-house capabilities, applications, and material sources allows our engineers the ability to provide clients with more solutions and opportunities than a typical contract manufacturer.

Early Supplier Involvement

Being brought onto a project at the product development stage allows us to work through the desired features with your engineering team, and discuss what we can produce, what would be challenging to produce, and the options available.

Rapid Prototyping

Our rapid prototyping services allow you to test a part while still in the design phase, saving you time and money by validating the part’s form, fit, and function before moving onto production. 

Sourcing Expertise

Our knowledgeable sourcing team has the ability to provide you with a variety of material types, quantities, and quality levels from domestic and international suppliers.

Cutting-Edge Technology

We continuously invest in advanced manufacturing technologies to optimize product quality, boost production capacity, and reduce manufacturing costs. Our experienced engineers also use the latest 3D solid modeling software for tooling and part design and can work with a variety of file types.

Custom and Standard Tooling

Our experienced team can design and produce custom tooling or modify existing tool stock from our inventory of standard part tooling to meet any client need and help keep costs down. 

Quality Assurance

Quality Assurance is a way of life at Vollrath Manufacturing Services. Our ISO-certified facilities are equipped with quality management systems, utilizing precise instruments and controlled processes to ensure your part exceeds your expectations.

Work With Us

Let our Engineering and Design Service team help you develop a smarter, more cost-effective product today. Please note, these services are NOT STANDALONE and are only coupled to a project we are working on.