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Providing a Rare Capability in Rapid Time


Project Profile

Providing a Rare Capability in Rapid Time

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Leveraging a vast global profile and diverse set of capabilitiesVollrath Manufacturing Services (VMS) was able to solve a very specific and pressing problem for a manufacturer of clean air solutions

Camfil, a leading
manufacturer of air filtration
and air quality control
systems, was in the process
of manufacturing a new
filter for an upgraded dust
collection system.
During initial production, the
company was facing quality and
consistency issues with one of
the system’s parts. Despite its
best efforts, Camfil’s current
supplier was unable to achieve
the desired level of flatness for
the main filter pan.
After the first supplier fell flat,
VMS was consulted to steer the
project back on course. It was
quickly discovered that a high-
tonnage transfer press could
resolve the flatness issues that
the client was experiencing.

Matching the Problem to the Right Process

Camfil’s current supplier was relying on smaller hand-fed presses and two manual operations, both of
which were significantly slowing down production. Consistency was another key issue with the project.
Not only were the hand-fed presses failing to achieve the desired flatness, but they were doing so at
an inconsistent rate.

Facing a major roadblock with its project, Camfil needed a new solution with no time to spare. This is
when Jeff Manning, regional sales manager at Vollrath® Manufacturing Services (VMS), came across
this unique opportunity:

“I have a background in automotive stamping and was in operations for 25 years before moving into
sales. Based on the details of the project and my prior experience, I knew that an 880-ton transfer
press could solve the flatness issues they were having. Here in the Southeast, there are very few high-
tonnage transfer presses that are available to the non-automotive market. This was a rare capability
that we had at Vollrath. So when I saw the print come through, I knew right away that it would be a
good fit.”

After connecting with the customer and getting the green light on the project, VMS assembled its team
and met with Camfil’s engineers to discuss the next steps. Manning explains why VMS was uniquely
positioned to solve this particular problem:

“Historically speaking, stamping has been consolidated to mainly the Midwest and Northeast where
cars have always been made. Eventually, automotive plants ventured into the Southeast. But there’s
always been that shortage of high-level or generational stamping knowledge in this area. So you have
a lot of short-run stampers who can do the simple jobs. I think in this case, the original supplier was
able to make the part through hook and crook—but it wasn’t really a sustainable solution.

VMS is unique in the fact that many years ago the company decided to enter the stamping game. So we
have tooling engineers with that high level of knowledge, as well as in-house tooling dies and in-house
press maintenance. This foundation really enabled us to help the customer in a way that most other
companies cannot.”

In order to achieve the necessary flatness and ensure a manufacturable, consistent part, VMS worked
with the customer to improve the existing design. Manning recalls how receptive Camfil’s engineers and
decision-makers were to VMS’s recommendations:
“We were able to really help steer the customer to ensure that the job would be manufacturable.
Vollrath was able to meet specific specification requirements by adjusting other parameters.”

Utilizing the 880-ton transfer press, Vollrath’s capabilities allowed for a more efficient manufacturing
process than the previous supplier. By removing the secondary manual operations, volume capacity
increased significantly. Combining this new manufacturing process with the recent design adjustments,
the new parts consistently met the very important flatness requirement. VMS was also able to utilize
its in-house washing services, therefore ensuring the parts were washed while the oil was still thin and
easy to remove. This also eliminated additional damage risk by having them packed and shipped to an
outside supplier for this operation.


Though this was a relatively high-volume project for Camfil, it would have been financially imprudent to
build a new, multi-million dollar transfer press from the ground up. In addition, this would have pushed
the production launch well outside their one-year timeline. By utilizing the essential equipment and
resources that Vollrath already had in place, Camfil was able to leverage the right solution while saving
a great deal of time and money in the process.

When speaking to the smoothness and success of the project, Manning concludes that it was an ideal
match from the beginning:

“Their problem precisely matched the unique capabilities that we had. At VMS, we know that we can’t be
everything to everybody. But when the right opportunities do arise, we know how to pursue them and
fill in that capability gap. Vollrath fills a need in the market and when we’re able to deliver results, that is
a real win for our customers.”

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