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Alternative Solution to Die-Cast Process


Project Profile

Lower Housing Cover for Power Transmission

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"Vollrath Manufacturing Services (VMS) worked with our team to develop a better way to make one of our most important parts.  We had always used a die-casting for the job and we didn't realize another way was possible"


Find a better way to create a part
that was traditionally produced
through a die-cast process.
In-house teams weren’t sure how
to execute the shift; they needed to
explore viability and execution with
an expert partner supplier.
VMS found it possible to stamp
this complex part from steel and
eliminate the need for die-casting
in the process.

Collaboration + Partnership

This effort reduced tooling costs short-term; it also meant more sustainability in tooling methods for the long-term. In addition, there was the elimination of interconnected porosity in the end product, which is a possibility with the die-cast process.
“Get VMS involved early on because incredible results are possible. Not only did they help us realize what was possible, they were always advocating for us from start to finish line.”

Project Lifecycle

18 months from start to completion
“It was a lengthy process, but it was worth it. We were testing and iterating the whole way, and VMS was responsive to all of 
our changes. They were incredibly easy to work with.”


Produced a consistent, quality part while reducing the piece price and tooling costs.

“We would collaborate again.”

“We plan to do the same with a few other parts that could benefit from the process. When reinventing a product and its specific design, you need that collaboration – lots of know-how came from VMS when it came to
both designing and manufacturing this part.”

“Every time we came through with different changes, they (VMS) would come in with something and assist with the changes we needed to make – it was a very fluid working relationship all the way through the process.”


Download Case Study

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