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Advantages of Deep Drawing Larger Parts

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Deep-draw stamping is well-known as a cost-effective method for producing complex parts at higher volumes. In the right application, deep drawing is a superior alternative solution to part fabrication when tight specifications and consistent parts are required. These benefits can even extend to larger or more complex parts, depending on individual specifications.

Deep-Draw Stamping & Annealing

Deep-draw stamping forms metal into geometries where the depth equals or exceeds the diameter. The technique involves forming large cylindrical or other simple geometric shapes by using tooling that is optimized to work with the material type. More complex results are possible depending on the procedure used. The resulting shape can then be manipulated through annealing, which applies heat to reshape a material. 

Deep drawing is efficient and cost-effective. When combined with annealing, those benefits carry over to even larger products with complex geometries by altering the metal’s physical and chemical properties, making it easier to manipulate the shape or stretch of the material. This pairing results in precise, seamless shapes produced with minimum labor and material costs.

Benefits of Vollrath Deep Drawing & Annealing


Vollrath Manufacturing Services possesses broad capabilities that extend the benefits of deep drawing and annealing to a wide variety of product types, including larger items of non-standard dimensions. Our size capabilities include the following ranges:

Depth-to-Diameter Ratio: Typically 2.5-to-1 
Part Depth: Up to 24” and up to 5 to 1 
Part Thickness: Up to .136” (10 gauge) 
Part Length: Up to 38” 
Part Width: Up to 38”

Lead Times

We offer our services across six facilities in Wisconsin and one location in Kansas. The equipment redundancy associated with multiple plant locations allows us to minimize downtime and optimize turnaround. This results in lead times that fit your project’s schedule—whatever that looks like.

Comprehensive In-House Services 

We provide a full range of services at every step from prototype to production. With our comprehensive in-house services, there’s no need to complicate matters between multiple suppliers. Our capabilities allow us to offer single-source solutions that help you control costs and meet deadlines.

Global Sourcing

Vollrath’s qualified global sourcing team constantly monitors the international marketplace, allowing us to identify the domestic or international suppliers that are exactly right for your project. With our global network of suppliers, we ensure our customers receive the best material for the job at the lowest possible price.

Standard or Custom Tooling

We pride ourselves on meeting your specifications however complex. To that end, we will work with you to determine the correct tooling and dies for your job, whether that means using a stock tool or creating a custom solution.

Guaranteed Quality

Our services are ISO 9001:2015-certified, NSF-compliant, and UL-listed. You can trust us to follow all of the most stringent quality standards.

Vollrath Manufacturing Deep Drawing Services

Combining deep drawing and annealing ensures that complex geometries come together precisely— and with minimal cost and lead times. When considering a manufacturer to work with these processes, you need experts who can accommodate your individual needs while adhering to strict standards of quality.

At Vollrath Manufacturing Services, our expert technical sales team, designers, engineers, and manufacturers collaborate on each unique project to tailor an end-to-end approach that meets all of the needs of the customer. This approach ensures a seamless experience and quality product while still keeping your costs as low as possible.

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